Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Salad, mash potatoes, rolls, green beans oh and don't forget the Turkey.

Thanksgiving is a American holiday that everyone cant wait for because of all the food you can eat, as well the awesome pies. After all the food is gone we all feel so tired after eating why is that? its because of the turkey.

Well I'm here to say I did some research and I came to the fact of why. Turkey has us feeling like we haven't gotten any sleep in 2 to 4 weeks. Blame the TURKEY. This huge bird that we cant get enough off contains the sleepy chemical called triphosphate. What the heck is that? well the definition is simply this

* is an amino acid of the special family known as essential amino acids. This means that if an individual fails to procure sufficient amount in the diet. * I know what your thinking, ( ENGLISH PLEASE) am I right or am I right. To brake it down to wear I can even understand it. The turkey has some different things in it that make you tired. lol. pretty much. They say the reason behind of being tired right after you eat is that you over eat all the food and your energy is used to digest it all.

1 tip: If you don't want to avoid passing out before you get to Grandmas house to eat her famous apple peach cobbler, try eating a little taste of everything instead of stuffing your face. That way you can still indulge in the meal, and feel awake enough to enjoy it.

False, False, False

I'm a normal size girl who has eyes bigger then her tummy. I always take too much and I never really finish it. The whole thing about over eating at thanksgiving or Christmas is ture, but even if you don't over eat and you eat only a little you still feel tired no matter what. So no matter how much you eat, or what you eat. In the end you will feel tired and full and ready to go to bed.

Monday, November 23, 2009


No matter what branch you are, Deployment SUCKS!! My husband was deployed last year for 7 months, not being able to talk to him was really hard. But I found some different ways to make sure he knew I loved him. MySpace and Facebook is good, but you cant put your own touch to it make it yours. I'm going to give you some awesome free Website that you can create just for him. Cause on those day where you cant talk to him, He can go look up the Website and see what you and the family has been up too. I love this Website its so good. They have so many different backgrounds that are already made, all you do is just delete what you don't want and add what you want. or you can just make your own everything. add music, pictures, videos. If you have a home business of any kind they also have a spot to tell about your store.

Here are 2 more Website to check out for yourself.

A family Website is a lot of fun, but also take a lot of time to put together. Letters are great too but you can also do other little things to show love by writing stores and pomes.

Here are some of the ones I wrote to my husband when he was deployed
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
My little story

The Girl Who Hated Curls!!
Written by alessandra Jean Phillips

There once was a girl named Shirley Lu. Who lived in a town called Swirls.
For she hated this town for every where you look there was nothing but curls.

There were big curls, small curls, curls that would bounce.
That went up and down and to the ground.

There were curls on every ones head. The young, the old. Even the babies were growing these curls she dread.

the roads were twisted windy, bent out of shape.

They world lead you to places you dear to escape.
Some would be driving up and some would be down.

The sings would let to no where, It make the little girl frown.

The babies were crying the people more then just a bit mad. They had enough, they all didn't know what to do.

but sit there and say " BOO WHOO!!"
Shirley Lu wanted to help. She knew what to do.

She ran all the way home. To say farewell to her beloved family.
Then on her way she went, on her long and windy journey.

She had her blanket and teddy bear, her bread and gram crackers too.
This little girl only 5 to boot. She was set she knew what to do. This brave Shirley Lu.

** I wrote this story myself I know it sounds like the Dr S books because those books where awesome. I just made my own.

Here are some pomes I wrote too see what you think
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now Jake love football
more then just a bit.
He loved it so much.
When his team
( BSU ) was losing he
would throw such a fit.

Never try talking to my husband
while he watches TV.
He will look at you
like a lost puppy.
Then go back to the screen.

You would think
here are other sports to
watch on the TV
each and everyday

But he rather be
watching football.

He wouldn't have it
any other way.
If reading it on the web
Or watching it on TV.

When going out to dinner.
Without Football,
He would find it hard to breath

So eating out we can never do.
Cause he can never miss the
kick off the prancing.


What is a girl to do,
The man has taken over.

My husband loves me
he tells me everyday.

But when it comes to football.
You better get out of the way.

He gets so crazy, He shouts
and he screams.
He walks around
very, very nervously
His hat, his shoes,
even his shirt it seems.

Stands for his home team
Forget the sandwich
chips and drink.

He will get all of that
when the game is complete.

We have only been
married for some time now.

But for him to say he loves
me more then football.

Seems his trying to get
something more out of me that day.

While other husbands
are outside playing golf
or just hitting the gum

Jake is at home
watching men hitting men.

His passion for Football
can be kind of crazy.
But that's what made me fall in love with my baby.

To football days.
To Navy (away)
I'm so glad
I have a Navy crazy Football Hubby.

** See it makes you smile. Don't tell me you didn't laugh a little bit. be fun and crazy with it. your husband loves you.
Going shopping can be a drag when it comes to holiday shopping or everyday shopping. Dealing with the traffic while in the car as well getting around in the store. Making sure you got everything on your list. You forget to check your receipt making sure you didn't spend over the limit of what it really is.

My husband and I went to the Mall yesterday to get my son some new cloths, they had some great deals. 2 jackets for $14, 2 pear of pants for $16, and 2 shirts for $14. Like I sad these were great deals to great to pass up. We made our way to the cashier, having her ring it all up it came out to be $70.00. My husband felt that was to much and something was wrong, he looked over the prices and sure enough the woman rang them up as as individual prices. We spend a hour having someone else ring up everything again and fix the problem. So next time you go shopping no matter what your getting. Remember to always check, cause most people that work at Malls or Target or Party store wherever, don't take the time to input the deals because all they care about is going as fast as they can so they can go home.

Vintage Christmas

This would have to be one of my favorite Holidays of all times, drinking egg nog, going to see all the different lights, Hanging up the stockings as well CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Christmas is the time to show your Christmas sprit, by decorating your house. Yes we all have our traditions. In the old day kids doing their chores and making sure their sock where washed put them up on the fire place to dry. Most families didn't have enough to get Christmas trees, trying to find somewhere to put the gifts for the kids.

Stockings where born. Toys and yummy treats where put into their socks. So every year on December 25 stocking all over the world are stuffed with goodies. Everyone celebrates Christmas different not every house hold is the same as well as the decorations.

Without decorations it wouldn't feel like Christmas. Here are some awesome pictures of Vintage Items that help bring these homes alive on Christmas.

                                                         Vintage Stockings

Here is a fun cute vintage kitchen, you don't have to decorate the living room you can also do the kitchen so whatever room you go in, Christmas will be there. The author of this is littleepiggy. Her story is really cute. She started collecting vintage Christmas items when she was only 9 years old. She is order now and as you can see put up all her special items up for you to see. That goes to show no matter what age you are. Vintage will never go out of style.                                         

       Here is table set, with vintage items. There is not much to show, for this person didn't use a whole lot of things, but that goes to show that you don't have to over power the room by using a lot of things. you can find more of her awesome pictures at

I know Christmas can cause you a arm and a lag, but docent mean you have to spend a whole lot. There are some great places to go to find amazing treasures for your home.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
1. Fleet markets are always the best ways to find vintage items

2. Try looking in your parents house, look for things they don't want

3. Drive around look for grange sales


Thursday, November 19, 2009

My first advertise!!

Well I couldn't be happier, Just adding new items to my shop I came across this amazing wonderful lady name Kathleen who has kindly ask to advertise me on her blog. You gotta go check out her blog, She has some amazing things to show and share. This week as she calls it is Black Friday. She is also having people sing up for Samplers. Here is a little taste of her Sampler give away that's going on through the middle of December & February 1.
This is a Shoes Social Notes. Its an awesome sampler to win, Go check it out cause they are going fast.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My photos

I have found a new love of taking pictures. My husband and I got a new really pro camera. These are the pictures We took when we went to down to San diego