Thursday, May 27, 2010

How do you get some peace in quite some moments to yourself when your trying to use the bathroom and all you see are little finger and paws under the door.

Or the door slides open and your dog and child are looking right at you. trying to figure out what your doing??

What do you do when you try to close the door and your little one and dog starts freaking out cause they cant see where mommie is.


1. put on their favoirte show? nope doesnt work.
2. before going to the bathroom have down stairs with all their toys? nope doesnt work.
3. Gtive him a tray of snaks? nope doesnt work.

what to do when you have to go and they wont understand NO! NO!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I didnt want to put this in Thinker. I thought This needed to be shown and everyone should read it.

Hey Everyone. I just got done watching this animated cartoon movie with my husband and my son. Called Astro Boy. Even though it doesn't really have a inspirational point to it, but then again it does, Even for a cartoon. Everyone is different and I know how hard it is to feel like you don't know where you belong. To feel like an outsider or a loser!! This movie showed that even though you might be a little different or look a different or sound a different.

" Even after a rain storm, even though where different. We all still love to jump into the puddles. " What I'm saying is. Just because your different doesn't mean we cant be friends or get along. The world today Tells us how to act and talk. The things we watch Tell us how to dress, how to choice our friends from the color of their skin to what they have in their wallet.

The world might have its own beat but doesn't mean we have to beat along with it.
I love this quote. " what's popular isn't always cool and what's cool isn't always popular!" I don't know who said that, but who ever did is pretty wise.

The world can think what it thinks about what we wear, how we talk, where we come from, But don't think for one second your not special, Cause you are. I'm sure if you wheren't God wouldn't have taken all his hard time making you the way you are.
You know what?  you are cool cause your you. No one else can come close to you, your special one of a kind.

So read all your books.
Draw all your pictures
Make something
Write something
Dance till your feet hurt. What ever you love to do.

What I'm trying to say is. Everyone has a place to fit in. A place to call home. Your special and amazing person who has wonderful ideas and your going to be going places. you don't need to be a hero to be somebody.

Being a friend, a parent, or whatever kind of job you have. No matter what others are doing. You don't need something cool to show for your life. What you are doing right now. Has a lot to say for your life.

But sitting on the couch with no job. always doing video games. No money doing drugs isn't showing anything for your life.

I used to think being a mom wasn't good enough that all my friends where doctors or fire fighters, doing more with their life. But then I look at my little boy my husband and I start to think. No matter what kind of jobs my friends or the people around me have, This is the most best job God could give someone.

**************** Everyone has a place No matter how different they are *******

Just another thought by me
Allie J. P

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The days are long, as the time goes by. I start to wounder. Why!
My baby is sleeping my dog is too. My family never calles me I feel so blue.
My husband is still at work and there is nothing to do. Im going crazy. I feel like crying.

The cloths are all clean the dishes are away. The floors are spotless. This is SUCH A BORING DAY!!