Sunday, March 15, 2009


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Friday, March 13, 2009


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My online Store

Hello crafters, Hello thinkers. Good ideas or bad, you can never go wrong here. Homemade crafts are always made from the heart. Little Miss Cute 2 Boot is an amazing store that I have created with a little or should I say a lot of help from my sister. Little Miss Cute 2 Boot is all about me its all about my talents and what I love to do. Being a stay at home mom with a little boy who isnt in school yet. I found myself, losing myself. I needed to find me time again, So thats why I came and made this little store. Everything you see is carefully cut out, sowed on, over looked and planed out. Im all about vintage and always adding a little modern into the mix to make it different. I love bottons, you will find that on most of my creations. For that is my signature, It makes anything cute and pop out more.

When my son was born I focused most of my creations on him, as him being a baby and all. Clicking through my online store you will find cute amazing one of a kind baby gift tags, normal gift tags, gift boxes, specail vintage iorn ons and so much more.

yes, its ture you will find gift boxes, and tags, wall deco, hoilday items other places that are over priced, but you will only find one of a kind homemade with love and care here at * * little Miss Cute 2 Boot ** Go check out what your missing out on today at