Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Salad, mash potatoes, rolls, green beans oh and don't forget the Turkey.

Thanksgiving is a American holiday that everyone cant wait for because of all the food you can eat, as well the awesome pies. After all the food is gone we all feel so tired after eating why is that? its because of the turkey.

Well I'm here to say I did some research and I came to the fact of why. Turkey has us feeling like we haven't gotten any sleep in 2 to 4 weeks. Blame the TURKEY. This huge bird that we cant get enough off contains the sleepy chemical called triphosphate. What the heck is that? well the definition is simply this

* is an amino acid of the special family known as essential amino acids. This means that if an individual fails to procure sufficient amount in the diet. * I know what your thinking, ( ENGLISH PLEASE) am I right or am I right. To brake it down to wear I can even understand it. The turkey has some different things in it that make you tired. lol. pretty much. They say the reason behind of being tired right after you eat is that you over eat all the food and your energy is used to digest it all.

1 tip: If you don't want to avoid passing out before you get to Grandmas house to eat her famous apple peach cobbler, try eating a little taste of everything instead of stuffing your face. That way you can still indulge in the meal, and feel awake enough to enjoy it.

False, False, False

I'm a normal size girl who has eyes bigger then her tummy. I always take too much and I never really finish it. The whole thing about over eating at thanksgiving or Christmas is ture, but even if you don't over eat and you eat only a little you still feel tired no matter what. So no matter how much you eat, or what you eat. In the end you will feel tired and full and ready to go to bed.

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