Monday, November 23, 2009

Vintage Christmas

This would have to be one of my favorite Holidays of all times, drinking egg nog, going to see all the different lights, Hanging up the stockings as well CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Christmas is the time to show your Christmas sprit, by decorating your house. Yes we all have our traditions. In the old day kids doing their chores and making sure their sock where washed put them up on the fire place to dry. Most families didn't have enough to get Christmas trees, trying to find somewhere to put the gifts for the kids.

Stockings where born. Toys and yummy treats where put into their socks. So every year on December 25 stocking all over the world are stuffed with goodies. Everyone celebrates Christmas different not every house hold is the same as well as the decorations.

Without decorations it wouldn't feel like Christmas. Here are some awesome pictures of Vintage Items that help bring these homes alive on Christmas.

                                                         Vintage Stockings

Here is a fun cute vintage kitchen, you don't have to decorate the living room you can also do the kitchen so whatever room you go in, Christmas will be there. The author of this is littleepiggy. Her story is really cute. She started collecting vintage Christmas items when she was only 9 years old. She is order now and as you can see put up all her special items up for you to see. That goes to show no matter what age you are. Vintage will never go out of style.                                         

       Here is table set, with vintage items. There is not much to show, for this person didn't use a whole lot of things, but that goes to show that you don't have to over power the room by using a lot of things. you can find more of her awesome pictures at

I know Christmas can cause you a arm and a lag, but docent mean you have to spend a whole lot. There are some great places to go to find amazing treasures for your home.
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1. Fleet markets are always the best ways to find vintage items

2. Try looking in your parents house, look for things they don't want

3. Drive around look for grange sales


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