Monday, November 23, 2009

Going shopping can be a drag when it comes to holiday shopping or everyday shopping. Dealing with the traffic while in the car as well getting around in the store. Making sure you got everything on your list. You forget to check your receipt making sure you didn't spend over the limit of what it really is.

My husband and I went to the Mall yesterday to get my son some new cloths, they had some great deals. 2 jackets for $14, 2 pear of pants for $16, and 2 shirts for $14. Like I sad these were great deals to great to pass up. We made our way to the cashier, having her ring it all up it came out to be $70.00. My husband felt that was to much and something was wrong, he looked over the prices and sure enough the woman rang them up as as individual prices. We spend a hour having someone else ring up everything again and fix the problem. So next time you go shopping no matter what your getting. Remember to always check, cause most people that work at Malls or Target or Party store wherever, don't take the time to input the deals because all they care about is going as fast as they can so they can go home.

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