Thursday, April 22, 2010

To my sister

Oh my goodness Oh my goodness. I help my sister out with her blog. She pays me sometimes but I just do it to help really. She is a great writer and has an amazing eye for find the little things in kids fashion and deco. Today she asked me to write her a pome about Daydreaming! well me thinking she wanted to use it for her website. But No she wants to use my pome in her magazine. I can not believe! This is big! its big for me. I really never had my name in anything other then my graducation booklet for the parents. She is going to have it in her outcoming mag. she will be putting together. Im not sure if its for this mag she has or the other one she will doing in Augs. My sister has come a long way.

I am so proud of my sister. I love you priscila

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