Sunday, April 11, 2010

The day at the beach

Here is a picture. daddy and Conner at 1 of the beaches here in Hawaii. My husband as you can see is smiling. But Conner wants to look at something more interesting

Oh yes, playing in the sand. There is nothing more fun then seeing your little one playing in the sand and making holes and seeing them smile. This is a beach here in Waikiki, this is the only beach we really found that Conner could play in the weather as well. All the other beaches were to dangerous for my little one. But boy does he love going into the water. Putting his toes in the water, but when we had to leave man I swear it was like someone told him his dog or gold fish died. Hhahahah taking him out of the water was gonna be harder then I thought.

Oh gosh I hate pictures of me. Who does? my little boy having so much fun with mommy. I think while we're here in Hawaii. He's gonna totally be a " BEACH BABY!!"

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