Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothing is going right!!!

Our family has had it shares of its bad luck here in Hawaii. Since we still don't kwon how to get around and know where things are. Where still using our GPS on our phones. Since our cars license plates are from Idaho and my husband doesn't want to get Hawaii ones. Going through the process is harder then we though, There is just so much you have to do to just drive your car on base. Even though we have military decals. But I guess that's not good enough, my husband just got a bike after selling his old one. He has only had it for 1 month, and now there is something wrong with it so now he cant even ride it. Me deplaning what's wrong with it, not going to happen, Cause I don't know! lol. He got his truck back from his parents that he let them barrow. Stupid idea but any who, he got that back. His had that back for a month as well and now there is something wrong with his truck. So on base he wont be able to take his truck to get inspected. One things after another and another, bad luck or just Hawaii. I don't know you tell me,

Getting all stressed out because of everything braking down. Makes us forget to think about God because where so busy being frustrated and being mad. I told my husband that Bad things happen so Good things can come out of it.

Everyone we live by on base is all in their 30s and about to get out and we have yet to meet someone who is young and goes to church. But the best thing about having them near us. Is they are so much help with Conner when we need it and Great, Great friends we have meet.

God is so amazing and we tend to forget that his there. We all need to remember that God is always there for us in time of bad as well as good. Don't be mad or sad, frustrated. Leave all your worries up to God. Lean on him to help you.

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