Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Potty Training Tips

Walking, learning to say mommy and daddy. Eating out of a spoon for a first time. A father and mother couldn't be prouder when their little one learns something new. But when you hear " Mommy, Daddy I gotta potty" our faces turn to a blank and where out finding books of how to teach your kids to use a toilet!! When it comes to kids everyone knows, kids learn at different times. The trick of potty traning your little one not to use their pants as a toilet is to not force them to go. If you force them to go to the bathroom when the are not ready, It will make them not want to use the potty and that means more wet paints!

One of my good Friends Heather Kelley has a little boy who was ready to go like a big boy. But she didn't know how to go about of teaching. She gave me the list of things she was doing and its my list of


1. Pushing them to go if they aren't ready

2. begging your child to go potty

3. Taking your anger out on your child

4. Calling them a baby and not a big boy or a big girl. Makes them feel like they will never be ready.

5. When going out refuses to use Public bathrooms

These are the top 2 parents use all the time. They don't notice they are until they read a article and then you say " Yes I've done that." I know a lot of you are shaking your heads yes. lol

Don't start pulling your hair out yet, There are a lot of ways of making it fun to go to the bathroom as funny as that sounds! but its true if you make a game out of it or make it fun potty traning will be easy.

Here are a few ways of making it fun
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1. Potty Song songs - Come up with fun songs that your little one knows while she is on the pot. But a list by the potty so she know which ones.

2. Potty Book- Toddlers get bored on the potty, so why not keep some of their favorite books right by the potty so they have something fun. There is not harm in your little one learning as they do number 2.

3. I Spy - Toddlers love to take a long time in the bathroom if its not making little toilet paper puppets with their hands. ( like I did when I was little ! hahha )

Having a little conversation with themselves. Before they go try finding little items to put around the bathroom for them to seek. Add new ones each time they go to keep it fun.

For a boy - Hitting floating targets - Try using some colorful cereal like Fruitloops. Throw them into the toilet, ask them to shot for the loop. This will help them learn control, so the pee goes in the bull and not all over your walls.

So the next time your potty traning. Try making it fun, The funnier it is the more they will just go on their own and they wont even release it.

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