Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mom came 2 visite

My mom lives in San Diego and for her to come here to Hawaii was a lot of planing and getting ready to do. Here are a few pictures of everything we have done while she was here.

This is my mom. We were walking down Waikiki, and she saw these beautiful birds on a tree. So this nice man took our pictures of everyone with the birds.

My husband Jake with a bird on his head. I really glad that, that bird didn't poop on his head. hahahha.

Here is my family all together. It was really funny to know that dogs aren't the only animals that know how to play died. Like the bird in my husbands

This is really cool. We we were going to the zoo and we saw this tree, Isn't it wired looking, Most the tree in Hawaii grow like that and I just it look like a cool place to go play in.

Here is a cute family picture my mom took at the zoo

by the beach

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