Monday, October 12, 2009

About My store

 Hello everyone. This is my little blog about my store that is now open. Here I will share with you about what I make and how I got started. Well my sister Priscila was my inspiration to start my own little store of home made tags and crafts. I put all my heart and hard work into making my tags. Not every tag is the same, they vary from sizes and I would love to make personal special tags for anyone and any occasion. I make all my tags out of scrapbook paper. I hand trace and hand cut all my tags out. I glue 2 piece of of the paper back to back so that the print is on each side, it goes off the affect that its thicker and wont tear. I use a lot of buttons, that's petty much my sinuate. Buttons just make it cute and brings the tags to life and give it a 3rd affect and just adds a little touch of something different. I have made lots of different tags as well many other home made crafts. Go check out my little store at, there you will get a little taste of what my style is all about. Have fun, use them as gifts or use them for yourself. Everything will have my installs on them so no one can copyright them and steel them as their own.

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